Ilya Segalovich and Nikolai Kononov

strelka courtyard

During a public interview at Strelka Russin businesman, programmer and philantropist Ilya Segalovich is going to talk about the creation and development of various urban online-services that are useful for everyone, and the impact of virtual public spaces on the urban environment.

Ilya Segalovich is a co-founder and Chief technology officer of Yandex (2000). He started doing search technologies in 1990 in Arcadia, where he headed up software department. In 1993-2000 he worked in CompTek International where he headed the search engines. In 2000, Ilya Segalovich left CompTek International and became the director of technology and the development of Yandex. With his direct support Russian National Corpus (Ruscorpora) and Russian Workshop on Information Retrieval Evaluation (ROMIP) were created. In addition, Ilya is one of the founders of the rehabilitation art center Children of Mary.