Niuta Federmesser and Svetlana Reiter

strelka courtyard

The heroine of the next public interview at Strelka is Niuta Federmesser, tha President of the foundation for hospices Faith Niuta Federmesser. She will talk about the situation with the charity in Russia, about the possibilities of attracting donations and how to draw more attention to the charity issues in Russian society and helping those in need.

Niuta Federmesser graduated from the Faculty of Education of the Institute of Foreign Languages, she also studied at Cambridge University. Since 2000 she is working as an English teacher at the Center for Education # 57. Besides teaching, she has worked in many different areas – in the international department of the theater festival Golden Mask, as a personal assistant to the vice-president of YUKOS, as a head of the translation department at the Chess Academy of Garry Kasparov.

She started wolunteering at 17 in hospices in Russia and Britain. In 2006 she established the charity foundation Faith – Russia’s only foundation for the hospices and their patients, as well as the country’s only endowment in healthcare. Now Faith employs 11 people and its annual budget is about 20 million rubles and is known ifor its vibrant charitable projects.

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