Interview: Oleg Chirkunov by Sergey Zuev


Interview is a joint project between Strelka Institute and Interview magazine, which will be featuring Russian Agents of Change (Boris Groys, Irina Prokhorova and many others) telling about themselves and their own projects.

The interview series will kick off with a conversation between former governor of Russia’s Perm Krai, innovative regional administrator Oleg Chirkunov and Sergey Zuev, Rektor of Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.

Oleg Chirkunov was governor of Perm Krai (province) in the Urals between 2005 and 2012 and is notable for his efforts to “make Perm Krai more appealing and livable.” Mr. Chirkunov was promoting post-industrial development and encouraging innovation in his region. He supported local universities and cultural spaces in his attempt to put Perm on the cultural map of Europe and help it become one of the continent’s cultural capitals. Oleg Chirkunov got actively involved in the Electronic Government project, becoming one of the first Russian regional governors to open LiveJournal and Twitter accounts. The projects he launched as a regional governor are still ongoing, even after he resigned from his gubernatorial post. On May 7, cultural embassies for Perm Krai opened in Berlin and Brussels, continuing the Perm as Cultural Capital project.

Sergey Zuev holds a PhD in Art History and is President of the post-graduate Moscow School for Social and Economic Sciences, sits on the public oversight committees of the Russian Ministry for Regional Development and Rosatom, Russia’s government-owned atomic energy corporation, and is a Council of Europe expert. Mr. Zuev focuses on applied social and cultural research, explores and develops regional development strategies. His has been involved in developing social and economic development strategies for Buryatia, Kaliningrad and Kaluga Regions of Russia.

During their conversation in Strelka courtyard, Oleg Chirkunov and Sergey Zuev will be discussing Chirkunov’s projects in Perm and his book Government and Competition(which has been released by the New Literary Review Publishing this year). The publishing house is also helping to organize the talk. The book discusses implementation of Function and Goal-Oriented Administration Model in Perm Krai. In author’s own words, “the book purports to offer an alternative to increasing the role of government in all aspects of our life; it is an invitation to consider alternative solutions to the problems we are facing.”