Jan Gehl: Moscow. Towards a great city for people

Strelka Courtyard
english with russian translation

Jan Gehl, founding Partner at Gehl Architects – Urban Quality Consultants, presented the results of his work on the study and analysis of public spaces and public life in Moscow, performed in 2013 by order of the Moscow Government.

Jan Gehl – a Danish architect and urban design consultant based in Copenhagen and whose career has focused on improving the quality of urban life by re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist.

Gehl participates in and advises many urban design and public projects around the world. His city improvement projects include Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rotterdam, London, Amman, Muscat, Perth, Adelaide, Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney and New York.

Jan Gehl is an author of such books as Life between Buildings, Public Spaces – Public Life, New City Spaces,New City Life, Cities for People (2010) and How to Study Public Life (2013).

Organizers of the lecture:

State Unitary Enterprise «Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan» with the support of Moscow Urban forum.