Manuel Jimenez Garcia: Flexible computation

english with russian translation

Manuel Jimenez Garcia lectured on computational design, focusing on self-organisation and agent based systems.

Inspired by historical traces in analogue computation coupled with algorithmic methods, he explored design processes where incorporating material behaviour and fabrication techniques within a digital methodology.

The lecture showcased different projects where Aristoteles’ hylomorphic model wass challenged, claiming that matter was active and dynamic, suggesting an Architecture able to negotiate the relationship between structure, fabrication and spatial configuration.

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Manuel Jimenez Garcia is currently Course Tutor at ‘Architectural Association Design Research Lab (DRL)‘ (London), where he develops his research in self-organisation and material computation; he is also Unit Master of MArch Unit 18 at ‘The Bartlett School of Architecture’ with Ricardo de Ostos and Nannette Jackowski and Programme Director at the AA Visiting School Madrid. He has taught and run workshops at ‘Polytechnic University of Architecture’ (Madrid), ‘European University Madrid’ and ‘L’École Spéciale d’Architecture’ (Paris).

Manuel graduated in Architecture from the European University of Madrid, he holds a masters in Architecture (AA DRL) from ‘Architectural Association’ and a masters in Design and Computer modeling from ‘CICE new technologies professional school’ He has worked as an architect for the offices of ‘Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’, ‘Minimaforms’, ‘Amid(cero9)’ and ‘Naja & deOstos’, participating actively in multiple international recognised projects.

Manuel Jimenez is a registered Architect at the ARB Architects Registration Board. He is the co-founder of Ctrl+M and madMdesign, an architecture practice based in London. His work has been featured widely in ‘Acadia 2012‘ (San Francisco), ‘Royal Academy Summer Exhibition‘ (London), ‘X Bienal Española de Arquitectura’ (Spain), and ‘Rethinking the Human in Technology Driven Architecture 2011‘ (Crete).