Junya Ishigami: on his works and new architecture

english (translated to russian)

Junya Ishigami is a young Japanese architect. He teaches at Togoku University and founded of Junya.ishigami+associates. Ishigami, together with English project firm Arup, is one of the four finalists of the competition for the Polytechnic Museum’s reconstruction, as part of which he’s also coming to Moscow. Ishigami designed among others Kanagawi Technology Institute’s four glass pavilions and Yoshji Yamamoto’s shop in New York. He’s a laureate of the prestigious international prize «Challenge of Time», and he won the «Gold Lion» with his project for the 12th Venetian Architectural Biennale in 2010.

At his lecture, Ishigami will talk about the idea of «new architecture»: transparent, easy and directly connected with nature. Junya.ishigami+associates adheres to the idea that «new comfort» goes beyond understanding buildings as a «refuge from nature» and strives to widen architecture’s possibilities.

Junya Ishigami: «until recently, architecture’s goal was to separate man from nature and to create a comfortable shelter. Nowadays, the fundamental difference between nature and mankind’s creations is erased and something new appears. More and more I study the atmospheric quality of transparency and I try to push the boundaries of architectural possibilities forward.»