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strelka courtyard
USA, 2012, 83 min.

Directed by: David Zellner

Starring: Sydney Aguirre, Nathan Zellner, David Wingo, Zack Carlson, David Zellner

Ten-year old Annie lives in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. She has a father, but she spends most of her time alone. She hangs out on the outskirts of town, entertaining herself any way she can — stealing, throwing doughballs at passing cars, using baseball bats for everything but baseball.

One day, in the forest, she hears a cry for help coming from an abandoned well. It doesn’t occur to Annie to call an adult to help the woman trapped at the bottom. Instead, she returns to her again and again, bringing food and engaging in strange conversations.

“Kid-Thing” was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, the SXSW Film Festival, and the Berlin International Film Festival.