On the first Sunday of June, for the second time in it’s existence, “Lambada-market” will be located in the very heart of Moscow – at “Strelka” Institute of Media, Architecture and Design and the bar of the same name.

The weekend day fair: “Lambada-market” – is a vintage bazaar, a modern flea market within the city boundaries. The key idea involves the participants bringing their stuff and selling it to the guests of the market. Everyone can take a part: on the rails of the participants, among which are shops, show-rooms, cafes, restaurants and just ordinary people, you can easily find some branded second-hand as well as European vintage clothes, from the latest fashion collections being “as good as new”, antiques, household items, musical instruments, vinyl, books and comics.

Fair activity plan:

A vintage bazaar in the nicest yard of the city, gourmet foods made by amateur and professional cooks on a special food-court, cocktails from Strelka bar (including the genuine Pimm’s), summer music from the favorite DJs and a small gig by guest stars.