Landscape dynamix: Katya Larina and Daniyar Yusupov on environment design as a dynamic system


Katya Larina and Daniyar Yusupov are Russian architects, lecturers of the Department of Urbansim and Design of Urban Environment at SPBGACU, and founders of the architectural group «u:lab.spb», which engages in research on urbanism and new design methods.

At the lecture, they will talk about why it is necessary to design the environment as a dynamic system and to strategize dynamic relations in the environment. They will talk about the boundaries of application and comparison of different design techniques. About a new perception on urban environment, about a general strategy for territory development and about control over those natural processes that create space.

Katya Larina: «We consider the environment as a dynamic system evolving over time. Modern urban design has no meaning, because it consists of projects that do not take into account the transformation of the environment and its changing functions».

Daniyar Yusupov: «All becomes clear, when we imagine a model evolving over time, like a predictive model. If the forecast comes true for 30%, it’s a great success. If for 10%, it’s a normal score. If for 1%, it’s a normal development of the situation. Therefore, the meaning of the forecast is already high. It’s a landmark that can be announced and counted, that all can aim for. Generativity as the property of the end product; it’s such property that creates different opportunities and development options for the application of the product».