Law, Society or the State: Which is the Guardian of Historical Heritage?

White Chambers Cultural Centre

Many of Moscow’s architectural monuments are in a sad state — they are dilapidated, neglected or disfigured beyond recognition. What is the reason for this? Who should protect cultural heritage buildings and regulate their use? How do we ensure compliance with Russian and international legislation and organise effective cooperation between government authorities and non-government organisations? Flip ten Cote, Director of the Federation of Aesthetics Committees, will attempt to answer these questions; he will share the experience of the Netherlands, where an effective mechanism of public control over the use of objects of cultural heritage has been developed. Sergei Sementsov, who heads a group of experts involved in the preparation of a new declaration on the universal value of Saint Petersburg for UNESCO, will talk about his work on this project. This will be followed by a discussion of the features of heritage protection legislation and the difficulties of applying international experience in Moscow.

Flip ten Cate, Netherlands, director of the development standard committee (Federatie Westland)
Yuri Grigoryan, Moscow, architect, director of architectural firm Proekt-Meganom
Eugenia Dutlova, Moscow, head of specialised historical and architectural workshop No. 17 of Mosproekt-2, government expert on heritage protection)
Tatiana Tsareva (Moscow, architect, head architect of Plan LLC)