Library as a situation


On August 20, Strelka will hold a discussion about the role of libraries in the flow and distribution of information and the formation of cultural and historical memory, new ways of storing and transmitting electronic texts, and innovative methods of creating online archives. Our expert speakers will also discuss the role of library’s architectural space, and propose ways for physical libraries to coexist with the digital space.

The event will also look at a project to develop Moscow’s libraries. The authors of the project, Boris Kupriyanov and Alexander Sverdlov, will present their installations Grove of Short Poems and Field Reading Room , which were previously on display at the Archstoyanie festival in Kaluga region.

In the evening Strelka’s wooden bleachers will become the screen for Roman Minayev’s Character Generator – a video that projects characters from the 12 major fonts in use today. The selection of symbols, their placement on the screen, and size are all chosen by a random number generator. The accompanying “text to speech” soundtrack verbalises the symbols in real time in different languages and different voices.


Yelena Petrovskaya is a philosopher, cultural commentator, and chief editor of Blue Sofa magazine.

Boris Kupryanov is a publisher, deputy director of the Moscow Library Centre, and co-owner of the Falanster bookshop.

Boris Dubin is a sociologist, translator, and teacher at the Russian State Humanities University’s Institute of European Culture and the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Foreign Literature.

Anastassia Smirnova is a writer, researcher and co-founder of the SVESMI architectural bureau in Rotterdam.

Alexander Sverdlov is an architect and co-founder of the SVESMI architectural bureau in Rotterdam.

Roman Minayev is an artist, curator and head of the New Media workshop at Moscow’s Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia.