MIGZ class: Russian artists on modern video-mapping


The Russian art companies Stain, In[visible], Sila sveta and ETC Russia will, as part of the international MIGZ 2011 festival of contemporary music and media arts, discuss video-mapping´s technical and artistic solutions and projects and talk about the different directions in panoramic video projections and audio-visual art instruments.

Stain — a Moscow-based duo consisting of audio-visual artists Alexandra Gavrilova and Sergey Titov. They work with formats of video mapping projections, vj sets, interactive installations, media interiors and media environments, and are inspired by unstable and multi-dimensional space, objects from material and virtual worlds, and the abstract when it´s free from function and purpose.

In[visible] — this studio’s main lines of work are video-mapping, creating interactive media installations, video installations and live performances. The founder of the studio, Vadim Epstein, is a media artist from Moscow, a VJ who used to write articles on theoretical physics and consult HP. He participates in many Russian and international video festivals.

Sila Sveta — a company specialized in large-scale light-music performances. Among the studio´s projects are a slide projection at Vasilevsky Island’s arrow at the opening of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in 2008, projections on the industrial buildings at Moscow´s «Krisha Mira» night club, and a projection on the 513 meters tall Ostankino tower.

ETC russia specializes in creating dynamic lighting videos and slide projections. ETC’s specialists designed Onlyview, a program that lets you synchronize any number of screens to produce a single panoramic image. The ETC portfolio holds such projects as the «Lights of Moscow» show, the Asian Games in Qatar, and the MTV Europe Awards.

The video-mapping art itself can be witnessed live on September 9 and 10 during the MIGZ Video Mapping Weekend at Gorky Park, where the Russian studios show their work.