Modern Animation: Maria Stepanova, Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade and Maria Tereshchenko on how to make a competitive product


Maria Stepanova leads Red Cow animation studios and is curator of the Animation Faculty at Scream School, an educational center that provides intense training courses for specialists in computer graphics in cinema, advertising and media industries. Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade is director of Scream School. Maria Tereshchenko is a journalist and program director at the Big Cartoon Festival.

The lecturers will share their vision on Russian animation, talk about the principles of composing modern education, the use of animation in films, commercials and computer games, and will shine their light on how to create a product that can compete on the global market.

Maria Tereshchenko: «The stunning success of foreign animation is not reflected in our national industry. We still have neither public policy nor interested investors, nor active TV-channels, nor an educational system for professionals in this field. Worse, even artistically, there’s no development whatsoever — old traditions die away and leave their stamp, but there’s nothing new to replace them. While European and Asian countries form alliances and develop a universal film language, Russian animation holds on to its artistic and economic self-sufficiency».