Moscow’s famous team ping-pong tournament returns

strelka courtyard

At 11 a.m., 12 ping-pong teams will battle for the right to call themselves Moscow champions.

The brave combatants:

STRELKA – the home team, thugs, chefs and bartenders

CHOP-CHOP –  hair styling gods

DESTROY – ping-pong punks with cruel intentions

BORODAPROJECT – the pride of Russian advertising, fueled by Italian vermouth

OBEY – Shepard Fairey worshippers with super fly skills

GONG PONG – a young team, ready to tear off their shirts for glory

FRED PERRY – these fellas have been playing since shorts were called “skivvies”

FLAY – The team with the most bizarre name. Nobody knows what to expect.

SOLYANKA – ping-pong trend-setters, finalists in the first Strelka Cup, now with Sergei Sergeyev

THEORY&PRACTICE – they take a licking and keep on kicking

SHARY YAROSTI (BALLS OF FIRE) – the dream team from the school of Master Bong

+ a secret team that’s asked to remain anonymous until the beginning of the tournament. No, it’s not Yandex, which ripped everybody to shreds last time.


This will be one of the most intense battles since rackets met balls.

The winning team will be decided by about 11 p.m., at which point they’ll mount the pedestal and claim their prize and glory.

We hope they’ll have enough energy.

Grolsch will be providing refreshments to help fans cheer their team into the finals.

Commentary will be provided by Gena Rublyov (the official voice of R.R.S.M.) and Ksenia Sokolyanskaya (the girl who brought sex, Moskva24 back to television).

After the final, we’ll be throwing a Leningrad-style party with the help of DJ Timofeya (Dom Byts, St. Petersburg).


Bring your brothers and sisters to bask in the glory of ping-pong paradise.

Questions? Call R.R.S.M.