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Nonclassical: Gabriel Prokofiev in concert with the participation of Boris Andrianov


Gabriel Prokofiev is a British composer, producer, DJ, and founder of music label Nonclassical. He began his musical career as a dance, electronic, and hip-hop producer, but returned to his family’s musical tradition in 2003 (Gabriel is the grandson of Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev), composing «String Quartet number one». After its premiere, accompanied by several electronic remixes in a nightclub in London’s East End, Gabriel went on to create and produce works that combine electronic and dance music with classical music, organizing regular concerts slash parties in London.

Boris Andrianov is a Russian musician, cellist, inspirational figure, and leader of «Generation of the Stars», a project that organizes concerts of young musicians in various Russian cities, art-director of the Vivachello festival, and professor of the Moscow State Conservatory.

Nonclassical brings such a party-concert to Moscow as part of the international Vivachello Cello Festival and will present contemporary classical music in a «non-classical» form. Three compositions can be heard at Strelka: «multi-track cellos» by Gabriel Prokofiev (soloist Boris Andrianov, multi-track Peter Grigson), Spasimo by Giovanni Sollima (soloist Boris Andrianov with a drum and string trio), and «String Concert number 2» by Gabriel Prokofiev performed by Elena Revich, Eugene Stembolskogo, Maxim Novikov, and Rustam Komachkova. During the breaks, Gabriel will play a few DJ sets.