Open/closed systems in design


U:lab.spb founders Katya Larina and Daniyar Yusupov explained the properties and peculiarities of open/closed systems, and how these systems are interpreted in urban planning, architecture, and design.

The lecture also looked at real examples of work using open/closed systems, modelling emerging systems, and key aspects of control in open systems.

U:lab.spb is a group of architects and urban planners founded by Katya Larina and Daniyar Yusupov. Since 2008 the group has focused on exploring the potential of advanced methods and tools to achieve a new quality of design. In 2010 U:lab.spb launched a consultancy on urban environment development in closed cities.

Katya Larina is a graduate of AA Landscape Urbanism and works as a landscape architect at Gustafson Porter (London, UK).

Daniyar Yusupov is an architect and lecturer in architectural environment at St. Petersburg State Architecture and Construction University. He sits on the St. Petersburg city building council, consults on urban environmental development, and took part in the competition to design a development concept for greater Moscow in 2012.

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