Branch point: Сity as an OPEN / CLOSED SYSTEM

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Workshop “Сity as an Open/Closed system” is associated with a project dedicated to concepts of development of the Russian closed cities.

Participants if the U: Lab.spb have been studying closed cities for several years to find ways of transforming them into self-sufficient and capable of self-development cities.

Closed cities are built in an antiquated paradigm of scientific centers where research and research resources are programmed by the external order combined with a strict regime of isolation and lack of effective communication. They function as a non-adaptable “closed system” and therefore are highly dependent on external support.

Workshop participants attempted to answer the question: how the design of public spaces combined with modern media tools can become infrastructure that connect the city with the world in spite of the necessary physical isolation.

Requirements for participants: basic knowledge of Processing and vvvv, experience in Grasshopper.

Preliminary schedule of the workshop