Part of: a series of workshops for changing urban environment


The aim of this workshop is to create a space which highlights the potential of transforming urban life for the better. The space will be an energetic hub where discussions are held, exhibitions are presented, ideas are formed, outcomes are planned. It is a space for sharing, a place to be visited and a starting point for new projects.


During the week we will question the role of the space:

As a group we will engage in discussion to realise the potential of the space. We will consider what activities should take place within the space and what are the potential topics. We will consider everything from: Transport to town planning, from architecture to entertainment and from communication to education. The ideas that are informed through our discussions will inform what the space stands for as an entity, and help to create a defined manifesto.

Potential outcome:

– design and production  of a structure which accommodates it’s diverse requirements (seating, display of information…);
– design of a graphic Identity for the space and a method for communicating its activities. This will include the creation of a name, a sign/logo and a manifesto. Also design of a communication package including posters/flyers/ads (digital and printed);
– the workshop will culminate in a launch event. As a group we will conceive an idea, produce content and workout an appropriate format for its communication.