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Pasi Mattila: Reforming Our Schools

Part of: Finnish Design Days in Moscow

strelka courtyard
english (translated to russian)

Who’s responsible for our schools? How can we reform them from within? Where do we start? What can each of us do to improve the nation’s education system? Pasi Mattila, director of Finpeda and the man behind Finland’s “School of the Future” program, will address these and other questions in a lecture at Strelka.

Pasi is a major force in Finnish school reform, having overseen research on classroom design, virtual curriculum modeling and mobile education, and helped school officials create learning conditions catered to the special needs of their institutions.

Pasi’s “School of the Future” program is developing a model for the modern school. At the Center for Internet Excellence (CIE), Pasi leads a program to boost achievement and improve school curriculums. He’s currently working on a 3D game that can imitate the learning environment and allow teaching and learning to take place simultaneously.