Presentation of the results of the «Brand for the Park» workshop


The participants of the «Brand for the Park» workshop present their final projects to a jury of branding professionals and the managers of Gorki Park. The workshop was led by art-director of BBDO Branding Michael Gubergrits. For two weeks participants listened to lectures dedicated to brand strategies, naming, corporate identity and navigation, and they gradually created a new brand for Gorki Park. The workshop’s teachers were BBDO Branding strategists Polina Flink and Yuri Panov, manager of Lexica naming agency Andrey Ionochkin and graphic designers Michael Gubergrits and Ilya Rumerman.

Michael Gubergrits, art-director of BBDO Branding agency: «At their presentations, participants will present mini-versions of brand development projects. They will start with a brief analysis of the situation and the strategic phase, and then the creative part: naming, design, corporate identity and navigation elements. The creation of a similar project using professionals would take no less than five or six months in reality. At the workshop, we only had two and a half weeks and another one to prepare the presentation. We had to quickly teach the students to stick to a certain line, a chosen strategy, and not to just use abstract design and a nice picture. It was difficult because of the lack of time and the complexity of the task, but it was very interesting to see whether we would make it or not.»