Presentation of the results of the workshop «Branch Point»


The participants of the «Branch Point: the Interaction» workshop will present their work: a self-regulatory project on territory development and four parametric-interactive pavilions. The workshop was held under the guidance of the teachers of «Branch Point», an educational research initiative aimed at promoting high-tech architecture and modern views on project culture. The recurring theme of the workshop was the concept of «interaction», which the participants considered at four levels: the interaction of the city with internal resources, the object with the urban landscape, construction with energy and environmental information, and construction and environment with man.

The main purpose of the workshop was to understand how, with the help of parametric tools, project processes can be united into a single, self-regulating work that includes all stages. The «Red October» territory was where students studied the interaction problems of different directions of activity as well as potential territories, they designed a building using the parametric approach, they built a construction that changes shape under the influence of wind loads and that can convert mechanical voltage energy into electrical energy, they studied the parameters necessary for the autonomous existence of environment, and they learned to create a space that can analyze these parameters and generate a response to them.

The workshop’s teachers: Daniyar Yusupov, Katya Larina, Alexandra Boldyreva, Maxim Malein, Filipp Katz, Milan Stamenkovic, Dmitry Demin, Daniel Piker, Vadim Smakhtin, Edward Heyman, Gia jah.