Public Presentation: Urban Tactics + Media Ecologies in Moscow


Co-organzed by Prof. Nitin Sawhney and Christo de Klerk (The New School, New York)

Shriya Malhotra and MAKE / Anton Polsky (Partizaning, Moscow)

In this public event we will showcase some exploratory projects emerging from a workshop at Strelka on Urban Tactics and Media Ecologies in contested spaces of Moscow. The workshop examined how urban tactics, technology, and networked media can be used to investigate and design participatory modes of collective civic agency in the neighborhoods and public spaces of Moscow.

The workshop included 12-15 participants with diverse backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, information technology, journalism, economics and new media, in conjunction with domain experts, activist groups and neighborhood residents in Moscow. The participants conducted urban and community-based research, ethnographic field-work, and interaction design for collaborative tools.

Projects emerging include a new platform for synchronizing community issues and urban tactics to improve neighborhoods in Troperovo Nikulino, examining spatial and virtual tactics for public dialogue and education among Occupy activists in Moscow, and creative ways to engage, map and visualize public perceptions about the redevelopment of the Red October island. These projects explore novel urban tactics and crowd-sourced tools that seek to foster a “New Collectivism” among citizens in the neighborhoods and public spaces in Moscow.