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PUSH IT! NIGHT: ANTWON (US, live), NOIZAR (UA, dj-set)


Sirenesque and sexy R’N’B that has outlasted the decay and then resurrected, classical hip-hop from the 90’s, black and honest; looney beats and unvarnished flow – PUSH IT! NIGHT brings all of it to at Strelka on a new summer scale.

On June 22, Antwon – Anthony Williams, a chubby black rapper from San Jose, one of the most promising newbies of Californian hip-hop performed at Strelka. Williams, 26, lives with his mom (can’t do it the other way, because she doesn’t have anyone else, he says) and is rare to be seen outside his hometown – which doesn’t stop him from collaborating with such prominent figures of electronic culture as Teams or Pictureplane. Hardcore past (before he got into hip-hop he used to play in a couple of punk bands) affects his powerful live shows and deep voice. Antwon flows to the beat produced by Salem or the samples being cut by the allied beatmakers as Goldfrapp, Suzanne Vega and Sigur Ros, however, it doesn’t matter how eccentric the beat is, with him flowing it’s impossible to get rid of the nostalgic reminiscence and the image of Notorious B.I.G. — Antwon carries on the traditions of sincere hip-hop of the 90’s  - keeping it real in 2013.