Research Simulator I: Zaradye. Mapping the Void


The two-day Research Simulator workshop is aimed specifically at those who is considering applying to Strelka and wants to get a better idea of the educational process.

Under the guidance of architect and urbanist Felix Madrazo the participants will try themselves at creative research and attempt to work on a real project – a proposal for the development of Zaradye.

Felix Madrazo is an architect, lecturer at The Why Factory in Rotterdam and co-founder of Supersudaca – an urban think tank from Latin America. With Supersudaca, Madrazo won the Best Entry Award at the second International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam with research on Caribbean Tourism (2005). Felix Madrazo also teaches at Why Factory in Rotterdam. In 2004 he joined OMA*AMO and worked as senior architect, researcher and editor on several projects (2004-2006). In 2006 he opened his own office IND [Inter National Design].

Research Simulator will conclude with a presentation of projects to guests and experts on July 8.

Please register to participate.