Research Simulator II: Re-Thinking Red October


The second Research Simulator will look at re-thinking Red October. Art-cluster or residential space, commercial territory or park? Under the guidance of designer and writer Brendan McGetrick participants will analyze various options of island organization and offer optimal scenarios of development for the “Red October” district.

This workshop will be useful to those who think about applying to Strelka and want to get a better understanding of educational and research process at the school.

Writer, editor and designer Brendan McGetrick is very active in various fields. His projects have been published in Wired, Art Review and Vogue Nippon. He has also been writing for AMO research studio from 2002 until 2006. During the last few years he participated in creation of books MAD dinner (Actar, 2008), Urban China: Work in Progress (Timezone 8, 2009) and Who is architecture (Domus/Timezone 8, 2010). Together with artist Ai Weiwei he co-curated “Unnamed design” exhibition that was part of the fourth Gwangju Design Biennale.

Research Simulator will begin on July 21, 11 am and conclude with a public presentation of the projects on July 22, 6 pm. The workshop will be held in English. Please register to participate – registration is free.