Rogier van der Heide on the role and possibilities of lighting design

english (translated to russian)

Rogier van der Heide is Vice President of Philips Design and Chief Designer Officer of Philips Lighting, visiting professor at Copenhagen ‘s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and member of the advisory board of FOAM, the Dutch Museum of Photography. Before joining the Philips team, he led the Arup company and headed its lighting department. For over twenty years Rogier has been creating three-dimensional design using light and projections of images and architectural- and object forms.

During this lecture, Rogier will share his vision on modern lighting design. He will talk about the role of design and light in a changing world and about technological solutions that can give designers creative freedom in architecture, urban planning and landscape design. Rogier puts innovative design based on LED usage at the core of his interests. In his work, he always looks to unite cutting-edge technological developments with sensible solutions that change live for the better.