Roman Galashev and Constantin Vavilov on an artist’s job in the gaming industry


Roman Galashev is technical art director at Games and curator of the «Game Graphics» department at Scream School, an educational center devoted to profoundly preparе computer graphic specialists in film, advertising and media industries. Constantin Vavilov is a teacher at Scream School’s «Game Graphics» department. Previously, he did work for the Smart Games Company, dat, Villeroy & Boсh, and a range of other companies.

Roman and Constantine will talk about what artists do in the gaming industry and how to become one. The lecture will begin with a brief excursion into the history of game graphics and a discussion of the role of artists in its development. Then, the lecture will discuss how to get into the game industry, how to develop in it, and what tasks and roles artists have in the industry. Attendants will learn about the interaction in a game-creating team, about the role of game designers and programmers, and about what qualities an artist in the gaming industry should have.