School of the Future

Part of: Finnish Design Days in Moscow

strelka courtyard
english (translated to russian)

Is there a special Russian way to reform school? Or should we carefully examine best of the international practice? Can the initiatives of teachers, parents, society become a real source of transformations?

These issues will be discussed at Strelka by Pasi Mattila, Director of Education of Finpeda (Finland), the initiator of the national program Future School of Finland, Michael Schneider, director of the Moscow school № 45, Elena Bulin-Sokolova, director of the Office for the creation of the educational complex for children in Skolkovo Alexei Semenov, Rector of the Moscow Institute for Open Education, Sergey Kazarnovsky, Director of education № 686 «Class – Center», Andrey Demidov, co-chair of the trade union «Teacher», Yevgeny Baranovsky, editor of the web-site.