Social media: a new space of trust, giving and mutual aid


In recent years ever more projects pop up in which social media are the medium for interaction between people and help them work together to achieve results that previously seemed unthinkable. In this environment, spaces of trust form in which strangers can freely and voluntarily assist each other in real life: wake each other up in the morning, drive to work together, offer a place to spend the night, offer products and services — ranging from second hand books, clothes, mobile telephones to translations, computer repairs and even massages. Anyone who wants to be helpful to others, finds more and more opportunities online.

The purpose of this discussion is to explore practices of mutual online assistance and understand why they are becoming so popular, how they work and whether they can really improve our lives.

Curator:, gift-giving service of things and skills

Moderator: Maxim Karakulov (co-founder of

Participants: Maxim Karakulov (, gift-giving community of things and skills), Alex Davydov (, gift-giving community of hospitality), Zafar Khashimov (, gift-giving community at LiveJournal), Natalia Komovich (, gift-giving community of postcards), Glafira Parinos (, the Atlas of Mutual Aid), Xenia Kandalintseva (Aktsya Newspaper)