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STONED BOYS (RU) – 6:00 pm

LIGHT ASYLUM (US) – 7:30 pm

CHAIRLIFT (US) – 9:00 pm

Stoned Boys is a duo comprising Evgeny Gorbunov of NRKTK and Moscow-based DJ Andrey Li that have been active since 2010. Over these two years, Stoned Boys recorded two EP albums – Little Victory and Burning Cities Forever, and full-length album Dangerous Skies, made a remix of Burzum and shot an experimental video with artist Protey Temen. Stoned Boys play fashionable electronic music that fits in between ambitious prog rock of the 1970s and screwball psychedelia of a later time, fusing the two at breakneck speeds and melting-hot temperatures: their live shows would take you back to the classic raves of the 1990s.

Light Asylum is a duo of vocalist Shannon Funchess and instrumentalist Bruno Coviello  . Funchess grew up in a religious Baptist family and learned signing in her church choir; she was singer for Telepathe and TV On the Radio before joining Light Asylum, while Coviello was playing house dance music as Bruno and The Dreamies. Light Asylum started out doing concerts at art galleries and at gay parties; the group released their debut EP record In Tension Tour in 2010, followed by the first full-length album of the same title in May 2012. Both records include dark, minimalist synthpop music with tunes straight out of the 1980s.

Chairlift is a Brooklyn, NY-based synthpop band that formed in the mid-2000s as a trio of Caroline Polachek, Aaron Pfenning and Patrick Wimberly. The group got together as a project to “record background music for haunted houses.” The trio recorded their first full-length album Does You Inspire You in 2008. Two years later, Aaron Pfenning left the band, and they recorded their second album, Something, as a duo in 2012, without missing a beat (both remaining band members are Gemini). Chairlift are an active participant in the Brooklyn music scene: they are good friends with bands Telepathe and Yeasayer, while Polachek came up with а fascinating new project Girl Crisis – in which Brooklyn girls are performing covers of radio hits from the past.