Strelka Arcade

strelka courtyard

On a Saturday night Strelka courtyard will turn into a huge playground to play video games on big plasma screens hanging all over the place. We’ll have Mortal Kombat, Dance Central 2, Forza 4, Kinect Sports and more. Also, in a special lounge you can come back to childhood and play handheld video games: Tetris, Game Boy or Nu Pogodi! On joysticks and consoles will fight architects VS journalists, programmers VS designers, scientists VS janitors, sportsmen VS businessmen. Rooters won’t be bored either as there will be special games prepared for them: racing and football.

Special drinks and DJ will warm you up all night.

Here are some rules for the newbies:

In Mortal Kombat one should select the hero and his super powers, and then meet his opponent in a face to face battle.

Forza 4 is a race. The participants of this game will not just experience driving a race car but also driving it all around the world.

Kinect Sports is a great opportunity to play bowling, table tennis, football, beach volleyball, or take part in a boxing match without leaving the couch.

In Dance Central 2 pairs are to repeat the movements of the character on screen. The most accurate dancer wins.