Dzerzhinskaya over the years

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Kharkiv’s largest plaza was designed by Viktor Trotsenko and constructed between 1929-1934. Renamed Freedom plaza (Ploshchad Svobody) in 1996, it is one of the giant squares visited by Owen Hatherley in Across the plaza:

“Gosprom – its typically Bolshevik acronym is a contraction of ‘House of State Industry’ –was the result of a competition proposed by Polish Soviet Commissar and former head of the Cheka, Felix Dzherzhinsky, to give the city a governmental complex befitting the capital of Ukraine. For this is what Kharkov was at the time – as an industrial, loyally Bolshevik city, it had gained preferment over untrustworthy, nationalist Kiev. Since Kharkov lacked the buildings to serve as a capital of any kind, this square’s inception was designed to beef up this provincial town, to make it into a modern, Soviet and bureaucratic centre. Gosprom had of necessity, then, to look like the central building of a capital city, the sort of centrifugal Stadtkrone that dreamers such as Bruno Taut had speculated about, and to incarnate some sort of specifically Soviet and socialist value system, as opposed to Kiev’s eclecticism and neoclassicism. The chosen site was an area of unused land – a tabula rasa – around Kharkov University. The outline plan for the square, which had Dzherzhinsky’s support, was designed in 1925 by the young architect Viktor Trotsenko, and combined the axial symmetries expected of a prominent government building with something more avant-garde.”

Andreas Gjertsen and Rune Stangeland from TYIN tegnestue Architects: “We are trying to start a dialogue”

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With the help of Andreas Gjertsen and Rune Stangeland from TYIN tegnestue Architects Strelka started to build its first objects. Curators of the workshop “Public space as a tool for dialogue” talked to us about their experience of constructing in Moscow and explained conclusions and observations which they came to during the last week.

About the site of the “Public space as a tool for dialogue” workshop in Mitino


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Following the public forum, “Time to act: How to prepare a city for bike lanes”, we spoke with its moderator Oleg Pachenkov, an urbanist, sociologist and deputy director of the Center for Independent Social Research, about how bicycles can change the city.

Ring-roads of the world 1.1

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In 2009, Thumb graphic design made a poster for the Rice School of Architecture showing how the world’s ring-roads compare in scale.

São Paulo, the subject of Justin McGuirk’s book Edge City, was missing. But no more.

Academic year 2012/13: studio IV

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We present the fourth (and final) research studio for academic year 2012/13.

(Re)design Information
How to debrief a city?

Academic year 2012/13: studio III

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We present the third of the four research studios for academic year 2012/13.

Another place
Towards the New Patterns of Cohabitation