Patrik Schumacher: “Each space is an invitation to join the interaction”

06.08.2012, 20:46
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Patrik Schumacher is an architect and a philosopher, partner at Zaha Hadid Architects and founding director at the AA Design Research Lab.

Before his lecture at Strelka on “Semiology of Parametrism” we had a small conversation with Patrik on his views of the role of architecture in a modern world, discussed changes in the global economy and his opinion about Russia.


Academic year 2012/13: studio II

25.07.2012, 16:32
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We continue to present research studios for academic year 2012/13, which starts in October.

Education as a project
Past, present, and future of learning

Academic year 2012/13: studio I

24.07.2012, 16:32
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We present the first of the four research studio for academic year 2012/13. The rest of the studios will be published shortly, keep up with the updates!

Foresight in Hindsight.
A History of Predictions.

Interview with Ilya Mukosey on the results of a two-day debate about the future of industrial zones

23.07.2012, 16:31
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We have talked with Ilya Mukosey about industrial zones and their hidden potential.

– Speaking of industrial zones from an architect’s perspective – i.e. as a professional who cares about society as a whole, – what kind of a potential can they possibly have?

Different kinds of potential. First of all, they are really large parcels of land that can be used in a variety of ways. Second, a city can simply open up its industrial zones and let them live alongside other elements of the city. This would be useful for both the industrial zones and the city as a whole, because this would strengthen the cohesiveness of city space – you would no longer need to be a free runner to get into an industrial zone or cross it safely.

Briefly obsessed with a Chinese bar

18.07.2012, 16:30
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Julia Lovell has a nice image at the beginning of her book on power and architecture in China; she describes western journalists’ endless nights waiting in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club bar for the China Central Television towers to meet.

“That November, the city was buzzing with rumours that any day now the towers – two black, diamond-patterned chopsticks tilting unsteadily towards each other through the smog – would be joined. Enhancing the mysticism of the event, the project’s engineers (the high-priests of this architectural cult) had decreed that the connection had to be made at dawn, to ensure the equal temperature of both sides. Obsessed bloggers and amateur photographers stalked the building in both the virtual and real worlds; journalists eked out their nights at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club bar, listening for tip-offs that the dawn to come would be the dawn.”

I wanted to find out more about this FCC bar. It sounds like a good time.

Interview with David Erixon

17.07.2012, 16:30
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– How do you feel about your experience at Strelka?

Last year I had only one week with all the students – an introduction week – and the rest of the time there were just people in my studio so I can only talk about that.