“If you treat Rem Koolhaas as a monument, who’s going to ask him questions?”

20.04.2012, 16:16
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Anastasia’s research project was on the reasons for the advent of creative and art clusters emerging in Moscow, with the Red October as an example. Anastasia is currently a curator in residence at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies, a residency project in Berlin.

Students’ Research Projects: Megacity

18.04.2012, 16:16
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We continue to post short descriptions of the students’ projects. Next up is Megacity, curated by Reinier de Graaf.

Fillipo Bazzoni

Recycling Moscow

16.04.2012, 16:15
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One of the students of the Megacity theme, Ricardo Pinho, is opening up his research project towards the public. In a series of posts to come and a possible webcast with experts and readers, Ricardo intends to spark interest in the subject of abandoned land in Moscow and its re-usage potential, calling out for public debate and discussion.

Roundtable “Watchmen: Indicators of Cultural Heritage”

13.04.2012, 16:15

18 April, 20:00

Graduate Anna Shevchenko, 34, architect, Moscow

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As part of the Preservation theme, headed by Rem Koolhaas, Anna Shevchenkoresearched the Jewish Autonomous Oblast’. In her project, she analysed how an alien not only managed to acclimate in an absolutely unusual environment, but also become a pillar of the society

Citizens as Customers: A Model for Sustainable Quality of Life

11.04.2012, 16:14
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The approach to research of the Citizens as Customers group is quite different from that of the other studios. It focuses a lot on both teamwork and individual projectsStudent Matiss Groskaufmanis describes the studio’s methodology, followed by the descriptions of his and other students’ projects.  

Matiss Groskaufmanis: