Students’ Projects: Urban Culture

10.04.2012, 16:13
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As promised, we are starting to post descriptions of the students’ projects. The first 6 students belong to the Urban Culture research theme studio. Here’s what they said about their projects.  

Alena Zaytseva:

Graduate Ivan Kuryachiy, 29, architect, Tomsk: “Strelka Worked Like an Awareness Expander”

08.04.2012, 16:12
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Ivan studied within the Thinning research theme headed by Jiang Jun and Joseph Grima. In his project, entitled Infrastructure/Borderline: Structures That Shape the Landscape, Ivan compared the modern economic system with a feudal one arguing that its epicenter lies in the very heart of Europe – the gas deposits of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region that provides Europe with gas.

Studio Generale: Communicating Your Ideas

05.04.2012, 16:09
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Wednesday’s installment of the weekly Studio Generale session included 3 guest speakers from McKinsey & Company, a world leading consulting company. If you ever struggled with trying to find a solution for a problem, delivering a clear presentation and working in a team, these tips, given by Stephan and Yermolai Solzhenitsyns and Vladimir Cernavskis can be useful.

Watchmen: The Urban Community

04.04.2012, 16:08

On April 10, the White Chambers Сultural Сentre will host a conference entitled Watchmen: The Urban Community. The conference will open the second series of activities devoted to the issue of preservation of Moscow’s cultural heritage and its integration into the modern life of the city. The series is organized by the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage (Mosgornaslediye) and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.

Midterm Review

03.04.2012, 16:07
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Last week has been exciting. After almost 3 months of intense work on research topics, trying to gather as much information as possible and form a hypothesis, the students finally presented their intermediate findings at the Midterm Review.

Graduate Yefim Freidine, 28, architect, Omsk: “Strelka is Open Brain Surgery”

30.03.2012, 16:07
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Yefim studied in the Preservation theme group supervised by Rem Koolhaas. In his project, entitled Soviet Ideology of Preservation: How It Works Today, Yefim analyzed the methods of heritage preservation during the Soviet era and their influence on today’s life.