>student: Gustavo Cabanez, 33, Mexico, architect

07.11.2011, 14:51
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I was teaching before, and i had my own studio. But basically it was teaching architecture in one of the private universities in Mexico and researching in the technology department.

Studio Generale: Data Sources for Research

03.11.2011, 14:51
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In the course of the first Studio Generale week, the students are learning a lot on conducting research.

Who said working for PRADA was easy?

01.11.2011, 14:50
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The 13-year-long collaboration between OMA and PRADA has sure been filled with experiments and challenges hitting along the way. The pure task itself, to design stage sets for fashion shows four times a year is an ambitious one. But who said working for PRADA was easy? Ippolito Pestellini (architect, associate OMA/AMO) told Strelka what it takes to build the atmosphere of a fashion show.

>student: Ricardo Pinho, 31, Warsaw (orig. Lisbon), manager

01.11.2011, 14:48
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Before Strelka I was working in Poland for almost 5 years, and before that I was working in Portugal. My professional experience is that of a manager: I was working with environmental services for local municipalities.

>student: Marina Antsiperova, 23, Moscow, psychologist

01.11.2011, 14:45
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I graduated in 2010with a degree in psychology, and since then have had many different jobs: from theatre to hospital. At some point I began to work as a journalist and had to write articles on urban design and planning, which I enjoyed. So I decided that that was exactly what I would like to be doing in the near future. I realized that I would like to conduct some kind of research on Moscow — and Strelka seemed a logical choice for me.

Value of Research

31.10.2011, 14:45
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During the past 3 weeks the students were getting acquainted with three of this year’s five research themes, each week having a set of lectures, discussions and tasks given by the theme directors. This week’s Studio Generale* won’t be devoted to a particular theme, but rather it will focus on the essentials of conducting research. It will be curated by the architect and head of Strelka’s eductional programme Yuri Grigoryan and Anastassia Smirnova, who will also be joined by Strelka alumni Anna Butenko and Tamara Muradova.