Quote of the day: Alexander Gavrilov on Gentrification of Moscow

25.10.2011, 14:38
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«Moscow is not really a city, it’s more of an agglomeration of badly structured spaces. In Moscow, it was more important to create emptiness than purpose. All these stories of gentrification of Moscow were made up by people who could read books well enough and learn from intelligent people that obscurely explained theories of gentrification processes. Years need to pass in order for a space in Moscow to become part of the city. Separate events that happen in the city don’t influence its life in any way. There’s zero feedback. Meanwhile, journalists care to bring to attention every little thing that happens. But if this little thing if talked about for 3 years it becomes an element of the city.»

Alexander Gavrilov
Literary Critic

Precious Moscow

24.10.2011, 14:38
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Skolkovo development, housing economics and the strategy for Moscow 2025 were last Friday’s topics of conversation at Strelka. 

Alexander Puzanov (Head of Department at HSE, Faculty of State and Municipal Administration; Director of the Institute of Urban Economics) told about the federal housing economics, the strategy for Moscow in the residential area and its most important tendencies.

>student: Tatyana Polyakova, 23, Ufa, architect

24.10.2011, 14:37
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Describe yourself in 3 words
An architect, a bird of passage, and a happy person.
What are your associations with Moscow?
I have very interesting associations, Moscow has such a perspective of the city and its development, there’s a different range of vision here. I feel at a very strange angle in the streets of Moscow.
How do you think your knowledge and skills will help you in research?
I think my university education, participation in international architectural competitions, and experience of working with public spaces  can be used during my studies here.
Who do you want to be when you graduate from Strelka?
I have several wishes concerning my future path […]. I hope I will make up my mind by the end of the year.
Strelka is
A fascinating intellectual game.

Urban Culture

24.10.2011, 14:35
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This week at Strelka is promised to be no less exciting than the previous two introduction weeks. The students will be visited by such respected people as  the journalist Linor Goralik, architectural crtitic Grigory Revzin, theatre director Eduard Boyakov and many more. They will be coming to the institute  as part of this week’s theme Urban Culture  led by Michael Schindhelm.

Megacity: Student Presentations

24.10.2011, 14:35
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During the Megacity introductory week, the students were given to each prepare slides  about research themes they would be potentially interested in. 

Moscow Real Estate

21.10.2011, 14:34
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During yesterday’s trip around Moscow, students were asked to explore the differences between various neighborhoods — from those located near railway stations to the most elite in the city center. What constitutеs a good neighborhood? What are the criteria for selecting a future residence? These were the questions asked during the walk.