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The topic of Moscow as a megacity will be this week’s theme, led by architect Reinier de Graaf.

Gorky Park, Narkomfin, Collector Gallery, Winzavod

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The topic of culture and re-imagination of space was central to yesterday’s trip around Moscow. The students started off with a visit to Gorky Park, where Sergey Kapkov (head of Moscow’s department of culture) showed the major transformations that took place over the past year. Then they went to Collector Gallery to see an installation made for the Moscow Art Biennale by the architect Alexander Brodsky. The installation was created in an abandoned underground loft-type space.

>student: Elena Zaytseva, 25, architect, Moscow

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Describe yourself in 3 words
I am a cat, I’m a traveller, and I’m, of course, a person in pink glasses. 

Day 1: Meetings with Yuri Grigoryan, Ilya Tsentsiper and Alexander Mamut

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Wednesday evening, after a trip around Red October a conversation with one of the institute’s trustees Alexander Mamut, the students were sitting in Bar Strelka with evening drinks and discussing Moscow, research and the much awaited group fieldtrip at the end of the fall term — all on the first day.

New Year at Strelka

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On June 29, the final review of 33 Strelka students’ work unveiled what an ambitious and fruitful year that had been. Full of experiments and new ideas, arguments and agreements, friendship and compromise, it brought together people from different backgrounds.

The Exhibition at the Polytechnical Museum

14.09.2011, 13:38

September 12, the Polytechnical Museum opened an exhibition of the finalists’ projects of an international architectural contest for the best renovation concept for the museum’s building. Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design was consulting the contest’s organizers. The exhibition was prepared by the members of the Strelka team: architects Tamara Muradova and Denis Leontyev and Andrey Goncharov, a designer.