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30.06.2011, 13:31
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The first educational year at Strelka is officially over: Tuesday and Wednesday studentspresented their research projects for the Final Review and were awarded diplomas. In the next few days Strelka website will feature Theme Research Reports, as well as students’ individual research work: videos, magazines, brochures. In the meantime check out the full list of the very first class of Strelka graduates:

Interactive design: four examples

26.06.2011, 13:31
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Saturday at Strelka will be about interactive architecture and design: there will be a talk with Lucy Bullivant, artist Yacine Ait Kaci and designer Flo Ortkrass on how our relations with (seemingly) inanimate world of objects. We picked some examples, illustrations on the subject, some of them belong to the participants of the event.

Jason Bruges and his studio developed this interactive installation Mimosa (using OLEDs) for the Milan Furniture Fair 2010.

Workshop Season at Strelka

16.06.2011, 13:30
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«Summer at Strelka» is not only open lectures and concerts, but also workshops, where you can learn something useful and think about something important: here we will tell about several future workshops at Strelka. They are open to architects, designers, sociologists, journalists, ecologists, urbanists and futurologists, so basically to everyone. Choose a project you are interested in (do not forget to check «workshop» bookmarkin our schedule) and do not wait to register.

Three Questions: Francis Lam, media-artist and designer

08.06.2011, 13:30
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Francis Lam, media-artist and designer, received his Master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab will give a talk today at Strelka (June, 8th, at 20:00) on ‘Coping with the digital world’ (how designers can benefit from digital technologies). Before it we asked Francis Lam to answer three short questions on if he like working with iPhone apps.

Novy Urengoy-Sochi-Birobidzhan-Perugia

26.05.2011, 13:29
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Almost a half of Strelka students left Moscow for research trips literally to all sides of the world: one part of the «Thinning» research theme travelled to Yamalo-Nenetsky area, the other — to Sochi, one student from «Preservation» research theme went toBirobidzhan, and a group of «Design» students — to Festarch festival in Perugia.

Gorky Park Discussions at Strelka

25.05.2011, 13:28
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Since Wednesday three talks within the series of discussions «New Gorky park» took place at Strelka. First — the round-table on historical heritage, then on Thursday on old and new purposes of the park, and on Friday — on various design approaches. You can read brief report about these discussions, video of each talk is coming up on the web-site.