Take Away: Results of the Education Programme 2012/13, Agents of Change

26.07.2013, 11:43
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How can a city be debriefed? What is behind the history of predictions? What is the future of education? What could ‘another place’ be like, and what could new patterns of (co)habitation look like? The teams working in the four research studios of the Education Program 2012/13 were trying to find answers to these, and many other associated questions.

For the student exhibition, each studio designed a series of postcards and booklets that summarised their research and findings through quotes, surprising facts and illustrations. Alongside this, four research reports that described the student’s projects in detail were published.

Urban Routines: announcing the Directors of research studios 2013/14

23.07.2013, 11:10
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The upcoming academic year at Strelka Institute is dedicated to the research of urban routines. Intense three-month studio work will be focused around four themes: Dwelling, Offices, Cars, and Retail.

Each studio is led by a Director and a Project Leader. Directors set the agenda for collective research and are responsible for its final outcome, while Project Leaders help students with their final projects and organise the research of studios into a publication, a research report on studio work that will be published at the end of the academic year. The results of student’s research projects will also be published in a book called Urban Routines, and an exhibition of these projects is planned for June 2014.

Strelka Podcast #3

19.07.2013, 07:57
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Strelka Podcast @ radio W-O-S: Strelka graduate Anna Pozniak spoke to architectural historian Michelle Provoost, co-founder of research collective Crimson Architectural Historians and Director, International New Town Institute.

Strelka is happy to announce education programme 2013/14: Urban Routines

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How and why does the urban space of a Russian city shape today? What did globalization bring us and what lessons can be learned from the experience of other nations, that took the same path before us? What national habits and traditions continue influencing daily routines and what is being imported from other cultures? Each studio of Strelka education programme 2013/14 will research these issues and offer its original look at ordinary life in Russia today.

Four research studios — Dwelling, Offices, Cars and Retail — form the theme of the whole year at Strelka, Urban Routines. In addition to the four main studios of the programme and in partnership with Moscow State University’s Department of Economics Strelka will launch a special fifth studio, devoted to the study of urban economics.


05.07.2013, 14:03

Tom Krell, known as How to Dress Well, an experimental r’n’b producer and singer from Brooklyn, who has recorded one of the best records last year, will perform a concert within the series of Push it! Nights parties.

Entry – 500 rubles.


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Saskia Sassen is a famous American sociologist and economist, who coined the terms “global city” and “centralities”. She is the Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology and Co-Chair, The Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University. On June 17th, Saskia talked about large complex cities and their frontier zones at Strelka.