“You’d be a fool not to be there”

03.06.2013, 09:30
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Anton Kalgaev and Anna Shirokova, curators of the summer programme.

Assimilating the North

30.05.2013, 09:34
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Russia is the Shore of a Frozen Ocean.

Conference “Waste: Divide and Conquer”

20.05.2013, 15:55
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Waste management system needs to be improved as you read this. Our world is gradually becoming overpopulated and more and more interconnected. The defining challenge of the 21st Century is demanding new forms of global cooperation. The paradox of a unified global economy and divided  national societies poses the single greatest threat for our planet. And although there are appropriate waste management solutions, the main problem is the global framework that should put them in place where they are most needed. Let’s try to create it.

PUSH IT! NIGHT: TEAMS(US), Lee&Gorbunov, Savier

17.05.2013, 15:10

Old school hip-hop beats from the golden age and sedative intonations of the newly resurrected R’n'B in the next party from Push It! Night series – now on the fresh air.

We opened the summer terrace!

17.05.2013, 15:07


The view is still amazing, but the menu is totally different from the main menu — it is based on the fresh ingredients and grilled dishes.
Terrace opening hours:
monday-thursday, sunday – 12:00 – 00:00
friday, saturday – 12:00 – 03:00


15.05.2013, 12:27
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Strelka students Artur Shakhbazyan and Glafira Parinos interviewed Reuters’ Katya Serova, head of Urban Data and Mosgorchat, about big urban data, the Internet of Things, and Facebook, the world’s third most populous country.