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For three years Strelka’s public programs have focused on the changes taking place in Moscow, but our field of study is by no means limited to the capital. The “Thinning“, “Energy” and “Hinterland“ research studios have been engaged with nation-wide problems, and much student work has been devoted to the country’s borders.

Border areas are the ultimate terra incognita. In Russia, the “border zone” is not simply a narrow strip of land along the national frontier. It covers as much as 3 to 5 percent of the country’s entire territory and is home to about one million people. In some places the ”border zone” takes in entire regions. But no definitive map of these areas is publicly available, and the total land area classified as part of the border zone changes almost every year.

Four quarters

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Alongside the visible changes of everyday events, there is something that is often overlooked in public discussion. Long-term cycles, complex phenomena, and large-scale processes radically change our lives via barely noticeable shifts in the world. What lies beyond the horizon of our immediate notice, and what visual aids do we need to see it? What do we know about Russia, and how is that knowledge possible?

Since one person cannot simultaneously look to either side, at the road under his feet and straight ahead, Strelka is bringing together people with different views, expertise and interests.


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Strelka Podkast @ radio W-O-S: Strelka student Filip Mayer talked to an architectural historian Wouter Vanstiphout of the Crimson Architectural Historians research collective:


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Farshid Moussavi is the Founder of Farshid Moussavi Architecture. Recently she visited Moscow to participate in the conference «Architects playing: new ideas, shapes and materials» curated by Strelka Institute as a part of «KNAUF Days» Forum. In 2010-2011 Farshid was Director of «Design» Studio at Strelka Educational Program, and in June 2011 she delivered a public lecture on the state of design, which has been remembered by many ever since.

A digital road trip

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Tower blocks nearing completion "...pupae, cocooned in security netting" alongside Avenida Aricanduva. ©2013 Google Maps

Inspired by Edge City, the architectural photographer Ludwig Abache has recreated Justin McGuirk’s journey around São Paulo through a series of Google Streetview images.

Strelka Podkast — 1

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The first release of Strelka Podkast @ radio W-O-S in which Strelka’s student Anya Poznyak interviews the founders of the most popular website about architecture –