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strelka courtyard

On September 15 as part of Cabaret Bar events Mickey Blanco will perform in Strelka courtyard.

Strelka Institute is launching a Cabaret Bar series of events inspired by the late 1970s New York City: the time when the US cultural capi- tal had thriving underground cabarets frequented by the top contempo- rary musicians, directors and artists, when you could catch a peep show in an old movie theatre, and could run into a performance art piece on every corner. Strelka will add fluorescent and neon lights and mirrors to its interior décor.

The events will include concerts by musicians who not only perform exciting music, but are also quite entertaining to watch: Cabaret parties featured Prince Rama, a two-piece band of sisters born and raised in a Florida Hare Krishna commune, and US expat sax player Jessie Evans (who lives in Berlin and wears fish-shaped headgear) and this time Mikky Blanco will perform. Interview magazine will set up a mobile makeup studio at every event, where everyone can get professional makeup, while Beluga Transatlantic will of- fer custom-designed cocktails helping the guests with im- mersion into the crazy ambiance of a futuristic fest.

Mikky Blanco is a feminine alter ego of the American rapper Michael Quottlbaum, one of the most vivid characters of modern New York hip-hop scene. Quottlbaum played in the industrial group No Fear; but one day he went out in a wig, a dress and a bag and this is how Mikky Blanco appeared. Despite the fact that the rapper was born in North Carolina, New York has always been important to him as a city: when he was 15 years old Quottlbaum ran away from home to Manhattan, where he lived spending his nights with casual acquaintances. After some time a detective sent by his mother found him and he had to come back home. In 2008, he eventually moved to New York and quickly became part of the local art crowd. Being only 25 Quottlbaum has done a lot: dropped out from two art schools, build his own per- formance troupe, and even published a book of poems, but the main success came to him exactly in the image of Mikky Blanco. Intricate lyrics with references to Rilke and Greek mythology, crazy wigs and dresses, energetic music and biting, in a short time Blanco has not only become the property of the New York underground scene, but the entire American hip-hop: he is written about him in Elle and Interview magazines, he plays gigs all around the world. At Strelka Mikky Blanco will perform with beatmaker Physical Therapy, who will play a DJ-set after the gig.