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The Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design will host the first Cabaret Bar event in the Strelka courtyard on June 30, featuring Prince Rama, a Brooklyn duo.

Strelka Institute is launching a Cabaret Bar series of events inspired by the late 1970s New York City: the time when the US cultural capital had thriving underground cabarets frequented by the top contemporary musicians, directors and artists, when you could catch a peep show in an old movie theatre, and could run into a performance art piece on every corner. Strelka will add fluorescent and neon lights and mirrors to its interior décor.

The events will include concerts by musicians who not only perform exciting music, but are also quite entertaining to watch: Prince Rama, a two-piece band of sisters born and raised in a Florida Hare Krishna commune, and US expat sax player Jessie Evans (who lives in Berlin and wears fish-shaped headgear) will play at the first two events. Interview magazine will set up a mobile makeup studio at every event, where everyone can get professional makeup, while Beluga Transatlantic will offer custom-designed cocktails helping the guests with immersion into the crazy ambiance of a futuristic fest.

Prince Rama will play in the Strelka Institute courtyard on June 30. The two band members, sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson, grew up in a Hare Krishna commune in Florida. As adults, the Larson sisters stopped practicing the religion they were raised in and moved to Boston where they were educated at an art school and got together with their childhood friend Michael Collins to form Prince Rama; the trio later moved to Brooklyn. Prince Rama have released five albums of bizarre psychedelic rock, with the latest two, Stone Temple and last year’s Trust Now (which no longer features Collins who left the band before the recording began) published by Animal Collective on their Paw Tracks label. Prince Rama are playing semi-electronic psychedelic rock and folk music incorporating ethnic chants and primal beats, and the band often invites spectators to join in their Sanskrit mantra chants or play the percussion instruments they get from the band. Besides, their live shows are a lot of fun to watch: the sisters put on funny sparkling dresses, dance with the crowd, while Nimai Larson plays drums standing up, projecting a raw, primeval aesthetic. Prince Rama will bring their new songs to Strelka – they are currently recording a new album with Tim Koh, a bass player associated with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: the album doesn’t have a title yet and should be coming out in November.