STRELKA Graduates: Yekaterina Pavlenko and Life Trajectories


Yekaterina Pavlenko graduated from Strelka in 2012 and studied at Rem Koolhass’ Hinterland studio. She discussed her research into life trajectories, which she has developed as part of the group for Culturally-Oriented Research in Education at the Higher School of Economics’ Institute of Education.

Launched by the Higher School of Economics in 2009, Monitoring Educational and Work Trajectories is an on-going project that investigates how an individual’s choice of academic institution and profession affects his or her life, what young people aspire to achieve, and what hurdles they face in reaching their goals.

Investigating the trajectories of individual’s lives is a relatively young discipline, beginning in Britain in 1958 with the Cohort Study and further developed with the launch of the National Longitudinal Surveys of Young Men and Older Men in the United States in 1966. Today there are a host of state-funded research centres devoted to gathering longitudinal and generational data in economically developed Western countries. Researchers at these centres mostly study socio-economic status, social mobility, and level of education. Several are focussed on health, while others specialize in looking at how young people make the transition from study to work and adapt to the “outside world.”

Director of HSE’s Institute of Education Isaac Frumin and senior researcher at HSE’s Center for Fundamental Sociology Dmitry Kurakin joined Yekaterina in discussion.