STRELKA PRESS: Fungi, mutants, and others: Architecture in the Luzhkov era


Strelka graduate Daria Paramonova presents her essay on the architecture of the Luzhkov era. This work grew out of a research project called «Preservation» as part of Daria’s work at the Rem Koolhaas studio.

Verdicts on the architecture that blossomed in Moscow during Mayor Yuri Luzhkov’s 18-year stint in city hall are unremittingly negative. It is even, some say, something to be ashamed of. But the architecture of any era is an important witness to history, and if we look at «Luzhkov-era» buildings from this point of view, it is possible to see their value – and even to recognize much amongst the Moscow architecture of the past 20 years that could become part of the city’s heritage.

Daria Paramonova teaches at Strelka and works as director of the Alexander Brodsky architecture bureau.

Strelka Press is pleased to announce the launch of a new book by Dasha Paramonova, “Mushrooms, Mutants and Others: Architecture of the Luzhkov Era”. Dasha Paramonova will be joined by architect Yuri Grigoryan, restaurateur Mitya Borisov and music critic Maxim Semelyak to discuss the architecture of Luzhkov period and the 1990′s.

The book presentation will be followed by a 1990′s themed party – with your favourite music and special cocktails served at a corrugated-steel shell car garage.