Students research projects presentations. 1st Day

strelka courtyard

Nine months ago Strelka launched its first academic year: 35 students, 15 professors, and 5 themes for research all in all meant hundreds of tasks, questions for discussion and points of view. Students and professors will present the outcomes of their joint effort in the end of this month — June 28th and 29th.

First Day Schedule (June, 28th). Hinterland


Rem Koolhaas. Introduction

Oleg Semakin: Does Energy Equal Power? (An Inventory of the Russian Energy Sector)

Ivan Kuryachiy: Infrastructure/ Borderline: Structures that Shape the Landscape

Pavel Geichenko: Energy as Progress (Understanding the Relationship Between Energy and Russia’s Development)

Yefim Freidine: Soviet Ideology of Preservation: How It Works Today (The Ideology of Preservation)

Minkoo Kang: Tourism: Chasing Illusions Made in USSR

Denis Leontiev: World Heritage as an Economic Value (The Economy of Preservation)

Naina Gupta: Electrified (Transport Beyond Oil and Gas)

Questions and discussion


Gleb Vitkov: Post-Soviet Settlement: Diseases of City-Industrialization

Xenia Makarova: Sochi as a Status Indicator<

Anton Ivanov: Neodacha: The Freedom Kit

Marina Levakova: Renewables in Russia (Two Interviews)

Alena Lanina: Back to Basics: Defining Primary Resources in Russia

Anna Shevchenko: Russian Historic Heritage: the Potential (The Economy of Preservation)

Anastasia Chernyshova: Introducing Efficiency (Where Does Russia Stand to Make the Greatest Gains?)

Daria Syuzeva: Re/evolution of USSR

Ivan Solomin: Russia’s Energy Future (A Case Study of Biogas)

Questions and discussion