Students research projects presentations. 2nd Day

strelka courtyard

Nine months ago Strelka launched its first academic year: 35 students, 15 professors, and 5 themes for research all in all meant hundreds of tasks, questions for discussion and points of view. Students and professors will present the outcomes of their joint effort in the end of this month — June 28th and 29th.

Second Day Schedule. Moscow


Maria Gulieva: Public Space through Moscow Landscape Planning Strategies

Tamara Muradova: (Re) Inhabiting Russian Avant-garde (The Ideology of Preservation)

Kuba Snopek: Belyayevo Forever (The Intangible Heritage)

Merve Yucel: Democratic Micro-transformations, Mutations of the Connective Tissue (Bibirevo) / Segregated Landscapes (Kottedzhi of Rublyovka)

Sergey Shoshin: Boundaries of Public Space in Moscow

Anastasia Albokrinova: When Art Comes: Transformation of Industrial Territories of Moscow (Red October Creative Cluster)

Anna Butenko: Peace and War in Public Space Jezi Stankevich Design as Enabler of Public Space

Evgeniya Nedosekina: The Shadow Empire. A Tale of One State (Cherkizovsky Market) / Buried Freedom (Manezh)

Questions and discussion


Shi Yang: Political (de) Branding (Christ the Saviour & VDNKh)

Daria Nuzhnaya: Moscow Public Art. XXth Century

Viсtoria Kudriavtseva: Emptiness with a History (Russia Hotel)

Olga Khokhlova: The Palaces of Pioneers (Preservation as Design)

Anna Trapkova: The Value of Moscow Public Space

Andrei Goncharov: Crowd-sourced Moscow 2012. A Public Space Game

Natasha Zaychenko: Desires’ Design (Triumph Palace and Prestigious Real Estate)

Karina Bunyatova: Alien Heart. Transplantation of the CBD model into Moscow Realm (Moscow City)

Dasha Paramonova: Ageing of Contemporary Architecture: Luzhkov Era (Preservation as Design)

Questions and discussion