Do we ever stop to think seriously about the day-to-day things that happen to us in the city? What does the everyday look like and how does it shape both the present and future of cities? These are some of the questions behind Strelka’s first party of the 2014 summer season – the Launch of the Summer Program.

Guests will find Strelka’s famous courtyard transformed beyond recognition, taking the guise of a space where the ashes of a ruined city give way to new life.

‪Director and artist of the Nations Theater, Filipp Grigoryan, was tapped to come up with the visual concept for the party, while music will be supplied by Washed Out, one of the most hotly anticipated acts to hit Moscow.

‪The general atmosphere of the evening carries over into its dress code of “Brutal Romanticism”: the tender delicacy of women’s dresses and the rigid austerity of men’s suits set against the background of a city in ruins.

The evening’s headliners – the American band Washed Out – are pioneers in the genre of chillwave, with a blend of hypnotic songs that are soft but unsettling. Eschewing pop odes to hedonism and bliss, Washed Out writes music about forced downshifting in a precarious world, through songs that reflect what today’s young generation are thinking and feeling. Washed Out has performed at some of the world’s most important music festivals, from Primavera and SXSW to All Tomorrow’s Parties and Pitchfork Music Fest. Last year, their song “All I Know” was included on Rolling Stone’s list of Top 100 Songs.