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Summer Programme at Strelka 2012 Closing

strelka courtyard

Strelka has devoted the summer to exploring agents of change and looking at how city dwellers can transform their surroundings.

During that time, Strelka itself has embodied the spirit of change, shifting shape to accommodate a variety of events, going from lecture hall, to cabaret bar, to video game den, to furniture flea market, to concert hall, and back again.
Strelka has hosted 60 lectures, 12 workshops, 22 film screenings, 12 concerts, and two tournaments — ping-pong and video games — and welcomed over 400,000 visitors.

On Sept. 22, Strelka will be transformed yet again for our last event of the summer. Everything will be mirror-like, surprising and delighting with new and unusual forms.

The star of the night will be Kindness, one of the most promising, young, English musicians around, and a show-stopper at all the best musical festivals of the summer.

Kindness will perform on a stage made of a thousand mirrors, and the performance space will feature gigantic disco-balls and special mirror bars by Absolut.

The Dress code is sparkling cocktail: shimmering cocktail dresses and elegant suits fit for dancing.

“Kindness” is the recording and performing alias of Adam Bainbridge, a musician and photographer who divides his time between London and Berlin. Born in the small town of Peterborough to an Indian mother and an English father, Bainbridge studied photography in Paris before dropping out, and, penniless, moving to Berlin.

Moving from photography and DJ-ing, Bainbridge never thought seriously about recording music until a friend lent him pirated musical software and invited him to move to Philadelphia in a community of artists and musicians, where he could live for free on the condition was that he work on music. There, he recorded his first demos.

Like many young musicians, Bainbridge began his career doing cover songs, which he performs to this day. His covers include songs from the television series Eastenders to forgotten hits by The Replacements. This year, Kindness released his debut album “World, You Need a Change of Mind,”co-produced by Philippe Zdar, who’s worked with Kanye West and the Beastie Boys.

Kindness’ music is influenced by underground urban disco and electronic pop music. While recording “World, You Need a Change of Mind,”he watched films and read books by Arthur Russell, Larry Levan and the New York disco scene. Unlike other electronic musicians, Kindness rarely performs with a laptop computer: He plays spectacular concerts with live musicians, rushing about the stage, hugging audience members, singing a capella, staging pranks and generally having a blast.